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Support Mental Health Awareness Month - Code Green Campaign

Our friends at BRYX are sponsoring shirts for Mental Health Awareness Month - The shirts are $19.99, and all proceeds will be donated to the Code Green Campaign who is dedicated to ending the stigma around discussing mental health and improving mental wellness for first responders.

Shirts can be ordered here:

Every little bit helps!

Posted on 13 May 2020 by HR Kim
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COVID Testing

Essential workers in NYS may now make an appointment to be tested at the MCC COVID drive-through testing facility! Call the COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-364-3065 or make an appointment online at

Please review the below reminders before scheduling an appointment:

  • If you are asymptomatic, be sure to schedule your testing appointment on a non-work day as wait times vary

  • Also for those that are testing but are asymptomatic, it is expected you will continue to work all scheduled shifts pending your results.  Currently, results should arrive in 3-5 days from test date. Should you test positive for COVID-19, your health team will designate the length of time that you will quarantine.  It is necessary that you submit the required documentation to Monroe. Should your test be negative, no documentation is required to continue working.

  • NO MATTER THE OUTCOME OF YOUR TEST RESULT you will continue to be held to the same PPE standards and precautionary actions as all employees of Monroe Ambulance.

Remember that this test is a snapshot of your COVID status for the moment you were tested. It is not indicative of a previous or future COVID diagnosis, nor should it be assumed that any precautionary actions can change due to your results.

More info can be found HERE

Posted on 05 May 2020 by HR Kim
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Childcare Scholarships Now Available for Essential Workers

During the COVID-19 crisis, income-eligible essential workers in Monroe, Livingston and Wayne counties can apply to Child Care Council Inc. for scholarships to pay the full cost of child care.

To qualify, families of eligible workers must have an adjusted gross income at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level, which amounts to an annual income of $78,600 for a family of four. Essential workers using a licensed or registered child care provider will receive a scholarship for the cost of care while New York state is on PAUSE, as long as the funds to support it are available.

Eligible essential employees can apply for a scholarship by contacting Child Care Council at or (585) 654-4720. Council staff will contact applicants within one to two business days to gather more information and help identify a participating child care program or work with their current registered or licensed child care provider. The Council will use the gathered information to establish that they are an essential employee, enroll them in the CARES Child Care Scholarship and ensure that the child care program gets paid.

Posted on 05 May 2020 by HR Kim
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Paramedic Student Ride Time

Per the updated guidelines from the NYS DOH, Paramedic Students will be able to perform ride time with us if they are current employees of Monroe Ambulance. All Monroe required COVID-19 measures (including but not limited to social distancing, temp checks, PPE) are required to be utilized by every student.

Posted on 01 May 2020 by HR Kim
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Financial Assistance during COVID-19

Click Here to review a fantastic summary of some of the financial assistance/changes that have been made available because of COVID-19 including (but not limited to) federal school loan assistance, mortgage or rent relief, and major changes to what is now eligible tp be purchased with your HSA/FSA/HRA money (we're talking most over the counter medicines now!)

Posted on 30 Apr 2020 by HR Kim
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New Hybrid EMT Class Scheduled

"Read More" for details.

Posted on 29 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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AAA Sends Letter to Requesting Priority Testing for First Responders

Earlier today, the AAA sent a letter to the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) requesting that first responders with COVID-19 symptoms be given priority one status in the order of groups to be tested for COVID-19. The USPHS had issued guidance that assigned first responders a level two status. The AAA stated paramedics and EMTs should be included in the top level with other health care professionals who are on the front lines of caring for patients with COVID-19.  Read the Letter HERE.

4/29 update:  Additionally, AAA has now sent a letter to PODUS Read Here

Posted on 29 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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Danger of Patients Delaying Seeking of Medical Attention

As many of you know, our patients are delaying care for a number of conditions.  The most concerning are patients with Strokes and Myocardial Infarction's, of which we have seen a 25-30% decrease in patients calling 911 and presenting to the ED - and its certainly not because these events just stopped when COVID came.

You can help get the word out by using the attached infographics and videos.  Post or link on your website, use your social media platforms, and get the word out.  We're here to save lives from diseases other than COVID that affect our community ever

AHA COVID-19 911 Infograph


Jeremy T. Cushman, MD, MS, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS

Posted on 29 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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Possible no-cost childcare

See the Letter from Early Care & Learning Coucil - Employer's CARES Letter - Childcare at no cost

Posted on 25 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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Discounts to Front Line Workers!

We will try to keep this list current and pop to the top when updated.  Please note, the vast majority of discounts listed will require validation of current EMT status. See Full Story for details.


Posted on 24 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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