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Building First Responder Resiliency - Improve Mental Health for First Responders and their Families

I am excited to share a new tool that was promoted by the American Ambulance Association, to support first responders mental, emotional, and physical wellness. This tool was vetted out by several members of our Employee Engagement Committee who felt it was a good free resource for our team here!

“Responder Strong is a collaboration between emergency responders and their advocates. Its mission is to improve mental health supports for emergency responders and their families through joint focuses on intervention and prevention. The site serves as a resource map for responder-informed crisis and clinical services as well as easily accessible educational content and tools for responders, their families, their leaders and the clinicians who work with them. ResponderStrong has also created custom educational content regarding relationships, stress management, and resiliency in response to community needs assessments.”

The website is here:

It takes just a few minutes to create a profile and take an assessment quiz to see where your baselines are, and then it directly links you to support content in the areas where you might not be operating at your best. Topics include work life balance,  leading and following, finances, professional development, tactical performance, and higher education with tons of content within. Lets learn something new today!

Posted on 17 Jul 2020 by HR Kim