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Daily Update 04/07/2020

IT Updates:
- Just a reminder, when submitting an ePro incident report for a crew laptop, remember to include the laptop number

HR Updates
- We have been made aware of two great (and free) mindfulness and meditation Apps to help cope with current stress and anxiety levels… give them a chance and check them out!

o Headspace- Please visit to get a quick idea of what they are offering to all New Yorkers. There is also a free version available to First Responders - follow this link to get directly to the access to the request page (You will need to submit a picture of your badge) They will then email you how to access your free account on the website or app.
o CalmVisit your Appstore for a free version of the app that includes guided meditation, music and advice on managing stress for both adults and children during these challenging times. Here is the link to the FREE version that you can use on any computer or mobile device
Posted on 07 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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04/06/2020 Daily Updates

A fantastic video by Dr. David Price from the Weill Cornell Medical Center (NYC) who shares a very fact driven discussion about the virus, how to spreads, and how to protect yourself and your family. Its about 25 minutes in length, but is VERY worth the time to watch. Follow the link here to watch: - NY on Pause has been extended through 4/29/2020 

General Operation Updates: - Please make every effort to conserve PPE – especially procedure/surgical mask. As a reminder, they can be reused multiple times (sometimes even days) UNLESS: o If the mask is dirty o If the mask is wet o If the mask is damaged o If you can no longer breathe through the mask 

HR Updates: - We have changed our 401k rules to allow for anyone who would like to defer payments without penalty on their 401k loan(s) for up to 12 months. Please contact Kim directly at to request this option. o As an example, if you have a 5-year loan that you pay $150.00 per pay period on you could defer for the full 12 months thus allowing for $3,900 ($150 x 26 pay periods) to stay in your paychecks, and your 5-year loan becomes a 6-year loan (without any penalty!)

Posted on 06 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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Daily Update - 04/03/2020

Please remember to conserve all PPE as safely and appropriately as possible.

Consider if you are transporting a respiratory patient with a short transport time, do they need to have an aerosolizing procedure now, is it a matter of life or death, could it wait the 10-minute transport time and allow the hospital to do that procedure?

Don’t stop providing lifesaving treatments, consider the benefits and risks to the patient and to yourself. If treatment can be delayed, this conserves PPE for the next more severely ill patient.

General Operation Updates:

Two advisories (20-07 and 20-08) were sent out via epro by Deputy Chief Bove this morning.

Please make sure to read through these, regarding the termination of resuscitation and treatment of COVID-19 patients.

N95/FIT Testing Updates 

ALL Monroe Ambulance Employees are Fit tested for the use of an N95 Respirator

If you have not been tested and need to be, contact OR 585.301.8950 ASAP - Any change in facial features (Including facial hair, major dental work, etc.) should get re-tested 

Temporarily – N95s have been deemed reusable by CDC.

If your mask meets any of the following criteria, REPLACE IT!

• Damaged, torn, sliced, or broken straps

• Wet or Soiled

• Does not fit

AT NO TIME shall any employee be denied a fit test if there is any question that a test is needed

Posted on 03 Apr 2020 by HR Kim
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Daily update - 04/02/2020

Updates from Dr. Cushman on a County OEM call yesterday:

There will be protocol updates regarding cardiac resuscitation in light of the pandemic. Stay tuned for updates.

Expect the number of field terminations to rise as the disease spreads in our service area.

General Operation Updates: 

Beginning Monday April 6th Patients that are transported to Strong that are ambulatory will be asked to go to the tent where Staff will screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms. The tent is scheduled to be staffed from 0800-2200 and will be displaying a green flag to let everyone know that it is operational. Those patients that cannot ambulate safely should be triaged through the ED as normal. Will provide more clarification on this before Monday.

Premise warnings are now only going to be provided for locations where a patient is on home isolation or quarantine, where Isolation means a patient with a Positive COVID-19 test, quarantine means they have had close contact and have been exposed)

As hospitals become more inundated, we are finding that we are not always notified right away by facilities that we transported a suspected COVID-19 patient that ultimately tests positive. In light of that we are asking that should someone from that facility inform you that the patient you transported tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Mike Bove directly at and let him know who provided that information to you so we can confirm.

IT Updates

Please continue to disinfect laptops after every patient interaction – We thank you as this helps protect both you and oncoming crews

  • Power off your laptop before cleaning and unplug the power cord if applicable
  • Close all port covers & doors to prevent solution from getting inside the laptop
  • Please do not spray any sanitizer liquids directly onto the display, cooling vents, or keyboards. Use cleaning wipes only (CaviWipes, Clorox wipes, or in a pinch use alcohol prep pads if nothing else is available)
  • Extra attention should be given to screw holes, unflattened areas, strips, and finger touchpoints. Chargers should also be wiped down
  • Wait until there is no visible moisture on the surfaces before powering it on

To Satellite Offices:

We’re seeing an increase in broken charging cables for the crew phones. Please be careful while charging the phones; please do not bend or crimp the cables more than 45 degrees in any one direction

Posted on 02 Apr 2020 by CDEWEY
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Town Hall Transcript 4-2
Good Afternoon Everyone! Here is the transcript for the Town Hall on 4-2, happy reading! Respectfully, D.C. Timothy Kelly
Posted on 02 Apr 2020 by TK
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Town Hall Transcript from 3-26

Good Afternoon Everyone! We will be publishing the transcripts from the Town Halls here as well as the Daily Updates. Please be sure to attend the meetings on Thursdays, currently at 5:00 PM (time subject to change with proper notice). Thank you and stay safe! Respectfully, D.C. Timothy Kelly

Posted on 26 Mar 2020 by TK
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