The passing of a Monroe family member…

The tragic passing of a Monroe family member…

Sadly, the Monroe family has lost a treasured friend and colleague.  Dispatcher and EMT, Anthony Yacono, passed yesterday morning, 8/18/2021.  Anthony was a genuine public servant at the beginning of what would have been a long career in service to our community.  He will be remembered; he will be missed.  Please have his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Anthony was always the first to volunteer to come in to cover when a teammate was ill, and the first to flex to help wherever he could.  Amongst many supervisory, peer, and patient family commendations, a few selections here that exemplify his values – we were lucky to have him.

A big thank you to Anthony for coming out of dispatch and going on the road with OPS to cover shift change and being level zero. Thanks Anthony 

Lieutenant Yeckel

I wanted to send a huge thank you to dispatcher A. Yacono. His respect and concern for the road crews is noticed and greatly appreciated. Regardless of how busy the night can be, he is always checking in with us and often asks if crews are “all set” when they call back in service from a scene or a hospital to ensure that the road crews have the things that we need or want whether it be a drink, food or a use of a clean bathroom before posting us. This small gesture on the end of dispatch goes A LONG WAY. His care and concern for us is noticed and appreciated. Thank you, Anthony!

Monroe EMT

Anthony was wonderful to my mother, as she was very difficult. He even used his own cell phone so my mother could call me in Pennsylvania and I could calm her and this is what meant so much to her. He called me after the call to reassure me my mother was doing well and I am so appreciative of this above and beyond measure. Thank you!

Daughter of Patient